Richmond is facing the same crisis that is affecting Americans everywhere, wealth and power inequality. In Richmond, 25% lives at or below the poverty line according to the US Census Bureau, a disproportionate number of those residents are Black.

City Hall has focused on vanity projects, decorating streets, beautifying tourist spots, lining the pockets of private developers. We need a radical new approach to taxation and redistribution in our city. The very rich need to pay their fair share and the working class needs tax relief. Nice parks and bike lanes shouldn’t be exclusive property of affluent neighborhoods, we must invest equally in all Richmonders.

Richmond’s city council is pushing forward an agenda for the elite. We need A VOICE that will stand up for the 9 to 5 worker, the workers with two or three jobs, or the person who can’t find a job. The 99% is done paying for the 1%.


Housing for All It’s time to get Richmond out of the pocket of developers and property managers. We must empower renters to resist unfair treatment from their landlords.
Funding Public Schools We will put our children’s futures above corporate dreams. No Coliseum until every school is renovated, every teacher gets a raise, and every student has textbooks.
Police Accountability There is no excuse for the lives lost at the hands of the police. Richmond must make policing statistics transparent, end predictive policing, and foster community trust.
Food & Transportation Justice All Richmonders pay taxes, but only some of us are allowed access to what our taxes pay for. We need universal public transporation to end food deserts and reduce traffic.
Economic Empowerment The working class receives meager compensation for our contributions to society. We must structure our economy to provide food, housing, and happiness for all.

Stances Overview


Do we need to build a more accessible city?

We not only can but we must build a city that is more accessible to the differently abled. Many city streets and buildings are navigable but still lack true accessibility. Our vision of Richmond is a city run by and for the people. Accessibility for all of our people is a part of that goal.


Will you take money from Dominion?

Absolutely 100% no. The representatives of Richmond’s communities we must divest ourselves from conflicts of interest in order to serve the people. I will not have financial ties to an industry that wants total control over Richmond.


Would you tear down the Confederate monuments?


Those aren’t war heros, they’re racist traitors. We’re tearing them down.


Do you support the Coliseum project?

No. The people of Richmond are being sold a bill of lies. TIF redevelopment projects historically have resulted in major debts for cities and minimal economic payoff. With the $1.4 billion price tag we could uplift the 25% of Richmond living in poverty instead of handing it to Tom Farrell.


Will you work with the state legislature to pass progressive policies?

I plan to work with the state legislature and build alliances to get the people of Richmond a better deal. Chiefly, I will work to raise the state minimum wage, ban the for-profit prison system, and implement a progressive tax.


Will you oppose any efforts for city law enforcement to work with ICE?

I will do everything in my power as a councilperson to oppose ICE and ensure Richmond is a sanctuary city for all people. Richmond law enforcement should in no way aide or partner with an organization in violation of international law with their abuse and detainment of human beings against their will.


Are you pro-union?

Our campaign supports unions and will support workplace democracy to ensure the working class can demand fair treatment and a fair wage.


Will support RRHA’s plan to privatize public housing?

As a council I will oppose the Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority’s plan to demolish all of the city’s public housing and replace public options with vouchers and privatized housing.

More on the way!

There’s more on the way!

We’ll be adding more stance responses to our page to help give you a better understanding of the campaign.


Environment Both our city’s natural and human ecosystems are being displaced by the effects of climate change. Meanwhile, Dominion seeks to expand its Atlantic Coast Pipeline. On city council I will stonewall Dominion’s pipe dreams.
More on the way! We’ll be adding additional issues in the near future.

A New Richmond Starts With Us

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